Dispelling Online Business Myths



When entering the rewarding and challenging world of Internet marketing, it becomes abundantly clear that there are so many different ways to make money online. If you have recently spent any time surfing the net’s search engines, the amount of opportunities to explore can be overwhelming or just plain out mind blowing at times. The real dilemma that surfaces however is for every trustworthy and honest business venture found on the Internet there unfortunately are 10 to 20 other scams or fraudulent opportunists just waiting in the backdrop to do nothing more than take your money in exchange for useless garbage when exploring online business systems.

Reading stories about online fortunes being made as well as running into toto sgp scams are found all through out the Internet today. We have all heard about the lucky person that discovered the secret to making millions of dollars online. And of course money-making scams are popping up at an alarming rate each day that causes most to think all the valid and true methods of developing an extra income stream is difficult or impossible to do. If a person truly has the desire and energy to successfully start a legitimate online business; research and knowledge are the two most important ingredients one needs prior to just jumping in feet first.

If you are thinking about starting an online business it is strongly advised you do as much research as possible BEFORE you get started. Too many people venture into Internet marketing without having the proper know-how for avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls many failed entrepreneurs commit.

Here are five of the most prevalent myths about Internet Marketing:

1. Internet Marketing is EASY. Becoming a successful online marketer takes time and effort. The individual that never gets off the couch will never succeed online. Nor will the person that reads every online business manual ever published and fails to act on a viable plan. However, compared to building a brick and mortar business, starting an eCommerce business is relatively easy and inexpensive. With the possibilities of affiliate marketing or drop shipping marketing, some will even encounter minimal expenses to begin developing an immediate income stream. Although few opportunities are as quick, easy and inexpensive to implement as an online business, however success always requires effort.

2. It’s too late to Start an Internet Business. While it is true that great fortunes have already been made online, believe it or not eCommerce is still in its infancy. No marketplace is easier to access and reach than the Internet and its growth is forecasted to strongly continue for years to come. As of just the first quarter of 2007, there was nearly $1 billion dollars in online retail sales.

3. You can Get Rich Quick online. Lottery wins and large inheritances aside, there is NO way to get rich quick. There’s an old saying that goes, “if it comes fast it will never last.” There is no doubt you can earn a substantial amount of income operating an online business. To do so, you must put forth your dedication and best effort. You can establish an online business and earn a living more quickly than is possible in the brick and mortar world. But remember a massive fortune won’t happen overnight.

4. Doing Business Online is Free. Offline businesses normally have high overhead costs such as rent, utilities and daily operational bills every month. Suppliers of online services also like to get paid for their efforts. Ongoing costs include your Internet connection, advertising and continuing business education. Once again however, compared to building a store or leasing office space, Internet business start-up and maintenance costs are relatively low.

5. Only Big Companies Earn Big Money Online. The great thing about owning an online business and developing a professional looking website is it is virtually impossible for the average consumer to determine the size of the company operating the online business. You literally could physically design an eCommerce website that looks very similar to Wal-Mart and many won’t be able to tell the difference. Those who assert that it is impossible to compete with big companies and make-money online are absolutely correct in their assumptions. Poor attitudes will always be a guarantee of failure.

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